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BoHo Elopement x Tracey and Jonathan - Q&A

Why did you decide to elope rather than go for a more traditional wedding?

As both of us had been married before and been through the big traditional wedding it was really important to us that we did something that was going to be quiet, personal and all about us. It also meant that for us that as it was a proper elopement we were the only people who had any say in how our day evolved.

What made you choose BoHo Cornwall?

We had spent some time researching on the internet and always kept coming back to BOHO. It looked so lovely and perfect for us.

What were the highlights of your elopement?

The highlights were the entire day. Beautiful house, lovely surroundings, delightful registrars, Tom and Maya and the day to ourselves. Oh and not forgetting watching the sun setting at Cape Cornwall.

What will be your lasting memory?

Our lasting memory will be the happiness we felt and what a perfect day it was from start to finish, including the weather!

What would your advice be to others planning an elopement?

Don’t tell anyone, and make your day special to you.

Looking back, would you change anything or do anything different?

We wouldn’t change a thing……….perfection!

Images: Adam Gibbard

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