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Kerenza Sands   Your romantic winter elopement

We’re seeing a growing trend of couples (and families) wishing to escape to Cornwall for a romantic winter elopement.

As the crowds depart, Cornwall offers a dreamy, peaceful vibe. A sense of freedom… enjoy the beach to yourselves, peaceful walks along the coast path to the next private cove… a long lazy lunch in a Cornish pub overlooking the sea.. the bliss of soaking in your private hot tub, looking out at the open sea.. and a luxurious Cornish cottage to cosy up together, away from the rest of the world!

The team will take care of you throughout your stay. We’ll welcome you when you arrive, show you around the Castle and talk you through your ceremony. We’ll always be available if you need us, otherwise we’ll leave you in peace. 


We’ve teamed up with Luxury Coastal to bring you the ideal winter retreat. A beautiful beach home, suitable for couples, but also family elopements.

Overlooking the green, to the open sea, Kerenza Sands is a luxuriously refurbished cottage with a private garden and hot tub enjoying wonderful sea views. It is just a 5 minute stroll away from Pengersick Castle. Most of our recommended photographers will be happy to drive you up the road to your ceremony. Contact us for more details.

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