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BoHo Elopement x Ursula and David - Q&A

Why did you decide to elope rather than go for a more traditional wedding?

We wanted a much more personal wedding than the traditional wedding which seems to be more about pleasing guests than the actual act of the bride and groom getting married. We were excited about getting married in secret and surprising everyone.

What made you choose BoHo Cornwall?

We wanted to get married somewhere we have never been to before. As we were getting married in February we wanted somewhere a bit different, a coastal venue - somewhere a bit wild and windy. We found that at BoHo Cornwall. ​

What were the highlights of your elopement?

The accommodation in Umber – we have never had so many baths. The apartment is really special. We enjoyed getting up very early morning and venturing out for a walk as the day broke. Everything was perfect on the wedding day – the breakfast together, the candlelit ceremony, our favourite music playing and the meal at the Gurnard’s Head. Tom and Maya’s hospitality – the ease of it all and lack of stress.​

What will be your lasting memory?

Endless romance

What would your advice be to others planning an elopement?

Do it – it was the best day of our lives and was just about us. ​

Looking back, would you change anything or do anything different?

We wished we had stayed for more than 3 nights.

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