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BoHo Elopement x Sarah and Chris - Q&A

(Sarah and Chris completed their Q&A separately and didn't compare notes until they'd finished!)

Why did you decide to elope rather than go for a more traditional wedding?

Sarah: For four years we had this idea in our head of a wedding in Scotland on the 27th September! That was always the plan!

We always said we would buy a house before getting married! We finally owned a house in the February of that year and realised there was no way this would be possible! So we kind of settled on getting married the following year in September 2016 … we started looking at Scottish venues and packages but it just didn’t feel right! I think we didn’t want to save and save, we also didn’t want to wait another year! I think it was when I said to Chris ‘at the end of the day… I want to be your wife’ and that was it, we decided to elope!

Chris: The idea of just making the day ours and no one else’s, the more people you have at your wedding the more stressful it can become, the day is meant for just you and your partner and you find yourself spending most of the day with everyone but your wife/ husband. I wanted to spend the day with Sarah and no one else.

What made you choose BoHo Cornwall?

Sarah: So I have to give credit where credit is due ... Chris actually found BoHo Cornwall! He found it online whilst looking at elopement venues and he said ‘this one is cool and it's in Cornwall’ to which I said ‘it's not in Scotland’ and kind of shrugged it off! The next day he was adamant I had to have a look and a few hours later I was on the phone to Maya asking about the 27th Sept! That date was booked along with the 28th! So I thought maybe it wasn’t meant to be! I remember so vividly Chris had a the biggest bottom lip, like a kid who couldn’t have what he wanted and asked if it had to be that date? I then called Maya back 5 minutes later and booked the wedding for the 1st October! Chris still mentions the fact that he found BoHo every time it is possible to bring it up! ​

Chris: We were talking about eloping and looked at a number of different options, we looked abroad and I found BoHo on an internet search and instantly fell in love with the place. The grounds and the décor were right up our street. Cornwall is one of the prettiest parts of the country I have been to. Then speaking to Tom and Maya sealed it.

What were the highlights of your elopement?

Sarah: It has to be the fact that it was not stressful at all! As a serial planner and perfectionist I had resided to the fact that I would probably be stressed on my wedding day, but the day was a breeze! I just got to enjoy getting married and spending the day with my husband! No interruptions and dilemmas with seating or that I hadn’t said hello to everyone!

Chris: Watching Sarah walk down the stairs as the ceremony started, it broke me. Haha

What will be your lasting memory?

Sarah: I think the best memory of the day was sat with Chris on the cliffs at Cape Cornwall looking over the sea watching the sun go down at 7pm…we had the most amazingly lucky weather with a truly stunning sunset! It was just nice to sit and enjoy the moment, it made you reflect on the day and why we did what we did!

Chris: There is so many from that day but one of many favourites was going to cape Cornwall to watch the sun set.

What would your advice be to others planning an elopement?

Sarah: DO IT! and do it for yourselves! At the end of the day you are celebrating the love between the two of you! If you want to share it with a few (still at BoHo) or a room full…do that! But if you just want to savour and soak up that moment with just that one person you love the most in the world then DO IT! Go with your gut!

There are so many different way to get married now….abroad, elope or on a mountain on the top of Scotland but it is about finding what was right for you both! We told family 3 months before we left and had a party and a family meal on our return, that way we got a stress free, super intimate wedding but still got to celebrate with Family!

Make it YOUR day!

Chris: Do it! Make the day about you and your partner.

Looking back, would you change anything or do anything different?

Sarah: Honestly...That day is probably the only day in my life I wouldn’t do anything differently! Literally not one regret! I had the most amazing day and have the most stunning photos by Ben Selway, that capture every moment of it so i can remember it forever!

Chris: I missed my mam, not having her there was a struggle, but I don’t think I would ever change how we did it.

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