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BoHo Elopement x Kelly and Ben - Q&A

Why did you decide to elope rather than go for a more traditional wedding?

Neither Kelly nor I subscribe to an organised religion. We both wanted a special occasion to remember but not a big, formal affair.

What made you choose BoHo Cornwall?

We’d been looking for a venue for a while. Following a recommendation we looked at the BoHo Cornwall website & from the relaxed, happy vibe we got in the pictures & from the descriptions it was pretty much a done deal.

What were the highlights of your elopement?

For Kelly it was the relaxed, warm atmosphere where, apart from the ceremony time, you could come & go. For me it was the day itself.

What will be your lasting memory?

For both of us the overwhelming happiness & joy of the day will be our lasting memory.

What would your advice be to others planning an elopement?

Do it! Being able to just please yourselves and organising the day around the two of you is fantastic!

Looking back, would you change anything or do anything different?

It is everything we wanted & would not have changed a thing.

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