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Your elopement dream

If you’re shy or a particularly private person, a big traditional wedding can seem like an ordeal rather than the dream.

In the right hands, a sensitively hosted elopement wedding provides a safe space for the two of you to express your love and commitment to each other in a beautiful private ceremony and allow you to be your true selves.

It can unlock an experience you didn’t realise was possible.

Placing yourselves in the hands of a trusted team who have the experience, expertise and sensitivity to give you a magical experience, whilst respecting your privacy can be liberating. You get to spend your day together, mostly in blissful seclusion, treating yourselves to a series of magical moments that will stay with you forever.

Here are some gorgeous pics of the very lovely Laurie and Kieran on their beautiful BoHo Cornwall Elopement.

Congratulations lovely people! 💕☺️

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