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Why Elope?

The reasons people chose to elope are many and varied. We've hosted more than 400 elopements here at BoHo Cornwall and have probably heard most of them.

If you're thinking of eloping, and are wondering if it's the right thing for you, have a look at our article below and you'll find that you're in good company!

1. "Eloping, just the 2 of us, is truly romantic"

For many of our couples here at BoHo Cornwall, the idea of running away together to the ends of the earth is just about as romantic as it gets. Just the 2 of you, cocooned in your own world for a couple of days. You can truly focus on what's important. Your relationship, your vows, each other. See the Pengersick Castle suite.

2. "I want no fuss and no stress"

The thought of planning and organising a wedding can be daunting, to put it mildly.

Where will we get married? Who will we invite? What will we eat? How much will it cost? And so it goes on and on and on....

Eloping can and should be simple and straightforward. Just the 2 of you with nobody else to please.

At BoHo Cornwall, we remove the fuss and stress. You simply book your package with us, contact Cornwall Registrars to secure a date and give notice at your local registry office. We have a carefully selected list of recommendations for local suppliers of everything you might want for your wedding. You can pick and choose what you'd like.

There's no need for a wedding planner - we're here to help you create your ideal elopement.

3. "We're a private couple & hate being the centre of attention"

By there very nature, just the 2 of you elopements are private and intimate.

If the idea of standing before a crowd of people to recite your vows fills you with dread, then an elopement is ideal for you.

Here at BoHo Cornwall, we find that many of our couples tell us they'd feel very uncomfortable getting married in a conventional way, with dozens of people (even family and friends) watching them. Some feel shy, some want to protect the intimacy of their vows.

Of course, you can still have all the elegance and romance your wedding day deserves but without the stress of a big bash.

4. "It's our second marriage and we didn't want another big wedding"

Many of our eloping couples are marrying for the second time and don't want to go through another big wedding. They want to keep things simple and straightforward so they can concentrate on each other.

At BoHo Cornwall, we find that second time around couples often have the most emotional and sincere ceremony. Their vows heartfelt and very real.

5. "Weddings can crazy expensive"

So much money for one day. So many people you don't really know but whom you feel would be offended if not invited. Many couples have made the decision to save the money they would have spent on a big wedding and use it for more pressing items - deposit on a house or car, a super honeymoon somewhere exotic and so on and so forth!

Some folk tell us they probably wouldn't be getting married if they had to bear the financial burden of the big wedding.

6. "I felt like my wedding was being taken away from me!" 

We hear it so often. Couples who start to plan a conventional wedding and find that other people start to take over. Close family can be pretty challenging at times - not to mention the prospective in-laws! Everyone has an opinion and the pressure mounts.

We've welcomed so many couples who started the wedding planning process but who weren't prepared to put up with their wedding more or less being taken away from them.

7. "My family don't approve"

Although this is fairly unusual, it does happen from time to time that family members don't approve of your partner or the nature of your relationship to such an extent that they would create tension and make you feel stressed.

It's not great spending your wedding day with people that are making you feel uncomfortable by being judgemental about your choice of partner or your sexuality.

With an elopement, you avoid this situation. You can be your true self and relax.

8. "I can't have my mum and my step-mum in the same room" 

These days, families are not always straightforward and there can be enmity between family members. What do you do? Invite everyone and hope it all works out on the day? Or not invite someone and offend them?

Or maybe consider eloping. You can always have a party back home afterwards and invite everyone. There may still be tensions of course, but they won't ruin your wedding day!

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