'I have been a part of the Boho Cornwall team since the very first beautiful elopement that happened there and have photographed nearly 200 since those early days. I can say with my hand on my heart that Boho Cornwall is my favourite wedding venue to work at. It's the warm welcome, classic easy style, the type of couples that it attracts and it's unique position in one of Cornwall's most beautiful locations that make Boho the so great from a photographers point of view.


I love the relaxed stress free pace of elopement weddings so much that it’s how my wife and I choose to get hitched, They give you a chance to take such beautiful intimate pictures with out the distractions of the "big do". 


My style is a blend of traditional and contemporary wedding photography, I love to capture the smiles, laughter and tears with out interfering with the moment,  After the official business is done I love creating beautiful romantic scenes with my couples in the amazing house and grounds of Boho.  I have spent most of life exploring the cliffs and beach of Penwith and taking couples on a magical tour of our best outdoor locations is what I live for.


I am friendly relaxed but serious about getting the job done and making sure you have the most magical day.'